Jul 072022

Ukrainian Komsomol leaders Alexander and Mikhail Kononovich have been detained by the Ukrainian state since March 3. Mikhail Kononovich is the leader of the Komsomol affiliated with the Communist Party of Ukraine, which was made illegal in 2015 following the Canadian-backed coup. Both brothers are leaders in the World Federation of Democratic Youth. The brothers were arrested on trumped up charges of espionage as part of a broad crackdown on the peace movement, the left, and Communists.

The Convention expresses its utmost solidarity with the brothers, the Komsomol, and all fighters for peace. The convention strongly condemns the kidnapping of the Komsomol leaders, as well as the anti-communist persecution in Ukraine, and reiterates our call to lift the ban on the Communist Party of Ukraine. We will continue our campaign calling for their immediate safe release, and to build the peace and anti-fascist movements in Canada.

The convention thanks the World Federation of Democratic Youth and its pan-Canadian affiliate the YCL-LJC for their relentless campaigning for the safe release of the brothers and for an end to the war.

Special resolution adopted by delegates at the 40th Central Convention of the Communist Party of Canada, July 1-3, 2022