The Women’s Movement



Theoretical Reading List on the Women’s Movement

Compiled by the CPC Education Commission, 2022

Marxist Analysis of Women’s Oppression and Women’s Struggles

Marxism and Feminism Charnie Guettel. A book presenting the Marxist approach

Presentation on Engels’ “Family, Private Property and the State” Jeanne McGuire. Video recording of a presentation for a Communist Party Ontario Family Day event

The Woman Question Marx, Engels, Lenin & Stalin. Selections from various works

Woman, Race and Class Angela Davis. Full book with a focus on race, gender and class in the United States

The Emancipation of Women Lenin. Excerpts relating to women’s social position and political work from various works

The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State Frederick Engels

Problems of Women’s Liberation Evelyn Reed

Women’s Evolution Evelyn Reed

Racism: An Analytical Overview Louis Feldhammer

Marxist Critiques of Non-Marxist Feminist Ideas

Intersectionality: A Marxist Critique Barbara Foley

Identity Politics, A Marxist View Raju Das

Tracing the Roots of Intersectionality Delia D. Aguilar

How Identity Politics has Divided the Left Assad Haider

The Theory of Intersectionality Emerges out of Racist, Colonialist Ideology, Not Radical Politics Patrick D. Anderson 

Intersectionality is a Hole… Bruce Dickson

Silvia Federici: The Exploitation of Women and the Development of Capitalism Jodi Dean. A critique of Federici from a Marxist perspective

A Perspective From India

Feminism and Class Consciousness Arcana Prasad. An historical overview of the CPI(M)’s relationship to the women’s movement

Marx on Women’s Question Paresh Chattopadhyay. Looking at what Marx himself actually wrote.