Privacy Policy


Privacy policy for the protection of personal information – Communist Party of Canada

The following privacy policy was adopted by the CPC on June 28, 2019 in order to ensure personal data is protected. The policy was created to comply with Bill C-76 which requires political parties to develop a specific privacy policy.

Types of personal information collected by the CPC

·         The annual list of electors from elections Canada

·         Membership data: residence, contact information, donations

·         Data from inquiries about the party: residence, contact information, donations

·         Data from donors: residence, contact information, donations

Measures taken to protect personal information

·         Access to party databases are restricted to members of the Central Committee

·         The main database is only accessible in the central office and not hosted on the internet

·         A secondary database is password protected and encrypted and access is restricted to party members’ areas of work (eg. A local organizer only has access to a local list)

·         The list of electors is used in compliance of the Canada Elections Act for no other purpose than to communicate with electors

The use of personal information is restricted to:

·         Fundraising appeals through mail or email

·         Invitations to events or political actions

·         Sending out electoral or issue specific campaign information

·         Information about a city or province may be shared with a local organizer or provincial party

·         Information will not be sold to any groups or individuals

·         Local or central volunteers and employees are trained on proper use of the database and instructed to keep any information private

·         Cross referencing data on the list of electors to communicate with an elector if their information is correct

Online activity information

Personal information is not collected through the use of cookie files or social media monitoring except in the case of email sign ups for online newsletters and CSS feeds from websites.

For any concerns regarding the party’s policy for the protection of personal data please contact Drew Garvie –