Jul 092022

The Communist Party of Canada condemns the continued repression of communists in Sudan. In particular, we denounce the siege of the offices of the Sudanese Communist Party where demonstrators opposed to the military regime have taken refuge, as well as the intimidation and arrest of leaders of this sister party in the vanguard of the struggle against the military junta in power since 2019 and sponsored by imperialism.

This siege has continued since June 30, when more than one million protesters took to the streets of Khartoum and Sharoni region, intensifying the struggle for the establishment of a civilian government.
We salute the determination of the Sudanese working masses and youth, who through their unity in struggle, initially in opposition to the rising cost of living, succeeded in deposing the regime of Omar al-Bashir. This popular victory was achieved at the cost of 1,200 injuries and 240 deaths. Faced with a new form of junta rule in 2019, the Sudanese refuse this usurpation and continue the struggle for democracy despite a fierce repression.

As internationalists, we reiterate our solidarity with peoples in struggle against imperialism and our commitment to a foreign policy based on peace and international solidarity. We also call on the Canadian government to condemn the severe repression of communists, progressives and democrats in Sudan and denounce the double standards of Canadian diplomacy that some peoples are more worthy of solidarity than others, as evidenced by the disparity between the treatment of Zelensky’s Ukraine and that of peoples in struggle against imperialism.

Special resolution adopted by delegates at the 40th Central Convention of the Communist Party of Canada, July 1-3, 2022