Sep 222021

The unwanted election campaign called by the Liberals to secure a majority government has resulted in another Liberal minority, and almost no change in the balance of forces in Parliament.

Working people responded with justified anger, denying both the Liberals and the Conservatives the majority each was so anxious to secure. The competition between these two Big Business parties ignored the very real consequences of the capitalist economic crisis:  mass unemployment, the housing crisis, rising prices on food and fuel, growing household debt, and falling real wages and living standards that millions of working people face every day. These parties also ignored the urgent need for decisive action on climate change, on the threat of global nuclear war, and on racism, genocide, and their continued refusal to recognize the right of nations to self-determination.

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Sep 192021

DEFEND Democracy – Reject the People’s Party of Canada

The far-right People’s Party of Canada has worked hard to portray itself as a friend of working people and an opponent of the wealthy and privileged.  The Conservative Party has attempted the same sleight of hand, with less success, because working people still remember the Harper government and the hardship it delivered during and after the 2008-09 economic crisis.

In fact both parties represent the interests of the wealthy and privileged, and are committed opponents of working class and democratic rights and interests.  Not a big surprise since the People’s Party is a far-right splinter formed when its leader, Maxime Bernier lost the Conservative Party leadership race in 2018.

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Sep 162021

Communist Party leader Elizabeth Rowley called today for the Canadian government to immediately end the extradition process against Meng Wanzhou and allow her to return to her home and family in China. Ms. Meng, the chief financial officer of the Chinese high tech giant Huawei, was detained on December 1, 2018 by Canada Border Services Agency officers when she arrived at Vancouver International Airport. She has remained under house arrest ever since, while the B.C. Supreme Court conducts hearings to determine whether she will be extradited to the U.S. to face fraud charges in New York.

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Sep 022021

Vaccines are a key component in stopping the spread of COVID-19, protecting people’s health and recovering from the pandemic. The Communist Party of Canada has consistently called on governments to place people’s needs ahead of business interests and take decisive action against COVID-19, including full vaccination, to be achieved through access, education and engagement.

Clearly, however, federal and provincial governments have prioritized profits over people. They have consistently opened up sections of the economy before it was safe – and entirely refused to close others, such as mining – and, in process, have cost lives and facilitated the spread of the pandemic. From the beginning, corporations and their mouthpieces in government have used vaccines as cover for rushing to reopen the economy and return to profits.

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Aug 222021

Two decades ago, the United States invaded Afghanistan, with the support and involvement of Canada and other NATO allies. It was the start of the “War on Terror,” waged in part under the pretext of humanitarian intervention to “liberate” the people of Afghanistan from the Taliban and bring peace, democracy and stability to the region.

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Aug 172021

The Communist Party of Canada will run 26 candidates in major cities across Canada on a platform of peace, climate justice, and a People’s Recovery.

“Canada urgently needs an independent Canadian foreign policy of peace and disarmament, withdrawal from NATO and NORAD, that upholds international law and rejects illegal US regime change and the overthrow of governments it doesn’t like”, said Communist Party leader Elizabeth Rowley today.

“We need to cut military spending by 75% and use that money to create jobs, build affordable social housing, build a universal public childcare system, fund post-secondary education and eliminate tuition for students,” she said. “That’s investing in our youth, in the future – not the horrors of war that could destroy the whole planet.”

Communists will also campaign for immediate reduction of carbon emissions, not by increasing the price of emissions as proposed by the Liberals, but by shuttering the fossil fuel industry and moving decisively to a publicly owned and democratically controlled renewable energy sector.   “Communists would guarantee the jobs and wages of workers displaced in the transition from fossil fuels to renewables.  Renewables will create far more jobs for workers than fossil fuels ever did,” said Rowley, adding “and it will not suffocate the planet – or trample the rights of Indigenous nations”.

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Aug 072021

A Pride 2021 statement by the Central Executive Committee of the Communist Party of Canada, and the CPC Pride Commission

The Pride Commission, made up of queer comrades from across the country, is an advisory body in the CPC.

Pride is again happening during the Covid-19 global pandemic. Under the conditions of capitalism, the pandemic is imposing harsher conditions on queer people. The Communist Party of Canada stands with the Two-Spirit / Lesbian / Gay / Bisexual / Transgender / Intersex / Queer + (2S/LGBTiQ+)  community as it resists attacks from rightwing forces. In Canada, many in the growing and diverse 2S/LGBTiQ+ community face impoverishment, homelessness, unemployment and poverty, in a harsh capitalist reality. A small privileged section of the queer community are being assimilated into the mainstream of capitalist society, at the price of less privileged 2S/LGBTiQ+ people and other exploited and oppressed people. 

‘Rainbow Capitalism’ is not the answer

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Jul 222021

The Communist Party of Canada expresses its full solidarity with the German Communist Party (DKP) and unreservedly condemns the decision of the Federal Chief Electoral Officer (Bundeswahlleiter) to prevent German Communists from standing in the federal election of September 26 and the possible revoking of political party status of the DKP.

Supposedly motivated by a bureaucratic decision that the DKP was unable to file its financial statements on time, in fact this decision is purely political. The DKP had, as early as May 2020, received an official letter from the authorities according to which the necessary conditions were met for their participation. Receiving a letter asserting the contrary and threatening the withdrawal of political party status at the 11th hour can only be seen as a political provocation.

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Jul 222021

Le Parti communiste du Canada exprime sont entière solidarité envers le Parti communiste allemand (DKP) et condamne sans réserve la décision du Directeur fédéral des élections (Bundeswahlleiter) d’empêcher les communistes allemands de se présenter aux élections fédérales du 26 septembre et la possibilité de révocation du statut de parti politique au DKP. 

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