No Foreign Intervention of Any Kind in Haiti!

 Posted on November 9, 2022
Nov 092022

As the crisis becomes more and more imminent, the Communist Party of Canada opposes any attempt to intervene in Haiti and calls on all political, trade union and democratic organizations to show their solidarity with the Haitian people by defending the sovereignty and the integrity of this Caribbean country.

Under the pretext of a humanitarian crisis, Mélanie Joly and Justin Trudeau have increased their offensives to ensure an intervention. The latest grand gesture was the bilateral meeting between Joly and Blinken in Canada, where two of the three Core Group powers competed in justifications for an invasion of Haiti. Even the UN Secretary General has come out in favour of an intervention force, while the Security Council is approving a “peacekeeping force”.

If there is a humanitarian crisis, the response cannot be to send in foreign troops. The countries that today are the first to bemoan the control of Haiti by the various gangs are the first to have sponsored these same kingpins in other times, such as in Afghanistan during the time of the Mujahedin or in Saddam Hussein’s Iraq against Iran.

In fact, the current crisis in Haiti has been manufactured in the North American imperialist centres. The government of the country has been illegitimate since February 2020. It is the governments of the Core Group countries that are anointing this puppet government with legitimacy, despite the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse in July 2021 and his replacement by Ariel Henry sixteen months ago, who was supposed to organize elections no later than 60 days after taking power.

It is the Henry government that is calling for foreign intervention. The people have clearly indicated their opposition to such interference. The imperialist-sponsored gangs, that are controlling the government, are no better than their rivals that planned interventions are supposed to defeat. Both plunder the country’s wealth and are equally involved in trafficking of all kinds. 

This is why we also call for Canada to withdraw from the Core Group and all imperialist alliances and adopt a foreign policy based on peace, international solidarity and respect for the fundamental Charter of the United Nations, namely the right of peoples and nations to self-determination.

Central Executive Committee, Communist Party of Canada