Nov 302018

La décision des Libéraux de présenter une loi forçant le retour au travail et mettant fin à la grève du STTP, met en péril le droit à la libre négociation collective et le droit de grève de tous les syndicats et de toutes les travailleuses et les travailleurs du Canada.

L’argument du gouvernement à l’effet que la grève menaçait les petites entreprises et les consommatrices et les consommateurs au plus fort de la période des dépenses du temps des Fêtes, ne tient pas la route. Le STTP n’a jamais fermé le bureau de poste, les grèves étaient rotatives et le courrier était toujours livré. Continue reading »

Nov 292018

The Liberals’ decision to introduce back to work legislation and end the CUPW strike threatens free collective  bargaining and the right to strike for all unions and workers in Canada.

The government’s argument that the strike threatened small businesses and consumers at the height of the holiday spending season doesn’t hold water.  CUPW never closed down the post office, the strikes were rotating and the mail was always moving. Continue reading »

Nov 272018

General Motors announcement that it will close the Oshawa car plant is a declaration of war on Canadian autoworkers and on automobile manufacturing in Canada.  The Big Three automakers will use the new NAFTA 2.0 agreement to shift their plants south to Mexico where wages are $4 an hour or less – a fraction of what workers in Canada are paid.  This is what GM is doing with its Oshawa plant, despite the fact that this plant has won international awards for its quality and productivity repeatedly. Continue reading »

Nov 262018

Le Parti communiste du Canada demande aujourd’hui au gouvernement fédéral de retirer la loi ainsi que le projet de loi permettant d’accélérer son adoption, qu’il entend utiliser contre le Syndicat des travailleurs et des travailleuses des postes pour imposer leur retour au travail. Continue reading »

Nov 222018

The Communist Party of Canada today demanded the federal government withdraw back to work legislation and an enabling bill to speed its passage, which the government will use against the Canadian Union of Postal Workers.

The union has been forced to strike as a result of the employer’s refusal to negotiate a fair contract that takes into account pay equity for women workers, health and safety, staffing, over-burdening, job security, a reduction in precarious employment, pay for all hours worked, and a better work-life balance for postal workers. Continue reading »

Nov 222018

La greve des stagesThe Central Committee of the Communist Party of Canada extends its solidarity to the nearly 60,000 students who are on strike this week of November 19-23 to win compensation for all internships. The strike affects several universities and CEGEP across Quebec. Some institutions, including the CEGEP du Vieux Montréal, has suspended classes while thousands of demonstrators picketed. Continue reading »