May 112016


May 172016

The labour movement across Canada, and especially in Winnipeg, will mark the anniversary of the Winnipeg General Strike this year. The Communist Party of Canada welcomes these celebrations and will work for the success of these important tributes.

The 1919 Winnipeg General Strike is one of the greatest working class struggles in Canadian history, a strike that combined the militancy, enthusiasm and solidarity of the overwhelming majority of Winnipeg’s workers against the capitalist big shots who still trample on the rights and lives of workers. Continue reading »

May 132016

Contribution to the public hearing on the Trans-Pacific Partnership, convened by the House Standing Committee on International Trade in Montreal, May 10th 2016

Thank you for letting me speak today. My name is Johan Boyden and I am the Central Organizer of the Communist Party of Canada, which has a 95 year history fighting for social progress.

I would like to begin, if I may, by making a reflection. A reflection on who is here, and who is not.  Many of us in the audience today found out about these Parliamentary Committee consultations at the last minute. But the representative of Bombardier, who you invited to speak at length just now, seemed very well prepared, as if knowing about these consultations a long time ago. Continue reading »

Apr 212016
venezuela solidarity campaign

On this Global Day of Solidarity with the People of Venezuela the Communist Party of Canada condemns the ongoing imperialist interference in Venezuela, as part of the plan to destabilize the country and provoke “regime change.” We stand in unwavering solidarity with the Venezuelan people, the Bolivarian revolution and its elected President Nicolàs Maduro, and our fraternal party, the Communist Party of Venezuela. The CPC calls upon all peace and progressive forces in Canada to express their active support for the Venezuelan people, who alone have the right to determine their political, social and economic future, free from foreign interference. Continue reading »