Apr 212016
venezuela solidarity campaign

On this Global Day of Solidarity with the People of Venezuela the Communist Party of Canada condemns the ongoing imperialist interference in Venezuela, as part of the plan to destabilize the country and provoke “regime change.” We stand in unwavering solidarity with the Venezuelan people, the Bolivarian revolution and its elected President Nicolàs Maduro, and our fraternal party, the Communist Party of Venezuela. The CPC calls upon all peace and progressive forces in Canada to express their active support for the Venezuelan people, who alone have the right to determine their political, social and economic future, free from foreign interference. Continue reading »

Apr 022016
Budget - no new gas

The 2016 federal budget proposes to make good on the slew of Liberal election promises that resulted in a Liberal majority last fall.   Fed up with the Tories, Canadians chose the Liberals as the preferred vehicle to drive the Tories out and move the country away from a decade of austerity, war and corruption, to the ‘sunny ways’ agenda of promised jobs, prosperity, democracy, and action on climate change. Continue reading »

Mar 232016

Commentary by Darrell Rankin, leader of the CPC Manitoba

Manitobans will go to the polls on April 19 at a time of growing uncertainty and widespread impoverishment of workers.
Polls show that the New Democratic Party government is unpopular, in third place after the Tories and Liberals. The reason is not so hard to find. Working people have endured a slow decline in their prospects. The last election took place in 2011, soon after the 2008 economic crisis. Four years later, workers are less hopeful about a recovery, finding a good job, or retiring in dignity. Working people do not want more of the same. But the three main parties all uphold the interests of big business. They rely on more of the same. These parties emphasize different aspects of neoliberal economic orthodoxy designed to protect corporate profits, such as the size of government, tax policy, and balancing the budget. Continue reading »

Mar 152016
Stop the TPP

Le Partenariat Trans-Pacifique (PTP) a été signé au début de février par 12 pays, dont le Canada. Négocié derrière des portes closes, cet accord garantit les «droits» des investisseurs, au détriment des travailleuses et des travailleurs. Les politicien-e-s et les grands médias affirment que les accords commerciaux « crée des emplois» et stimule les recettes fiscales. Mais sous le capitalisme, les compagnies (canadiennes et étrangères) augmentent les profits en réduisant les emplois, en évitant la surveillance environnementale et en exigeant des baisses d’impôt. Le PTP doit être ratifié par les législatures de tous les pays signataires. Mobilisons-nous maintenant pour dire au Parlement de rejeter le PTP! Continue reading »

Mar 152016
Stop the TPP

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) was signed in early February by 12 countries, including Canada. Negotiated behind closed doors, this deal will guarantee the “right” of investors, at the expense of working people. Politicians and the corporate media claim that trade deals “create jobs” and boost tax revenues. But under capitalism, corporations (both Canadian-based and foreign-owned) boost profits by slashing employment, avoiding environmental oversight, and demanding lower taxes. The TPP requires ratification by the legislatures of all the signing countries. Mobilize now: tell Parliament to reject the TPP! Continue reading »