Apr 112014

Ottawa – April 11, 2014 – Registered political parties currently without representation in the House of Commons met in Ottawa to consider Bill C-23, An Act to amend the Canada Elections Act and other Acts and to make consequential amendments to certain Acts. The parties listed below agreed to issue the following statement. These parties are also concerned about many provisions in Bill C-23 aside from those outlined in the statement and they encourage the media to contact them individually.


The Conservative Party of Canada, overseen by Prime Minister Stephen Harper, is hoping to steal the next federal election. Bill C-23, the so-called Fair Elections Act, is their game plan. We are working together to stop the Conservatives, and to protect every Canadian’s right to vote in a fair and honest election that is free of voter suppression schemes, of election fraud, of the denial of fundamental rights, and all watched over by an independent and effective Elections Canada.

The Conservatives and Stephen Harper are terrified because they can’t win a fair election; they hope they can win a rigged one.

Opposition to Stephen Harper’s Bill C-23 is almost universal, condemned by national and international election officials and experts on democracy and elections. It is supported only by Conservative politicians who hope to benefit from its worst provisions. Bill C-23 helps people commit election fraud and get away with it; encourages mayhem, confusion, and long delays on election day; and deprives hundreds of thousand of Canadians of their right to vote.

Bill C-23 goes even further. It prevents Elections Canada from warning Canadians who are targeted by fraud and voter suppression schemes. It even bars Elections Canada from encouraging citizens to vote, especially youth, new Canadians and First Nations people.

From now until the next election and beyond, if necessary, we will be working together to protect Canadians from Stephen Harper’s and the Conservatives’ cowardly, self-serving attack on their fundamental right to vote. We will fight for our fellow Canadians and their hard won rights wherever we can–in the courts, in the streets, in elections, on social media, in class rooms–wherever Canadians who believe in democratic rights and honest government gather.

We reach out to all Canadians to help us stop Stephen Harper and the Conservatives stealing their elections and stealing their rights.


For further information contact:

  • Animal Alliance Environment Voters Party of Canada, 416-462-9541, www. environmentvoters.org
  • Canadian Action Party, 519-852-8279, wwww.actionparty.ca
  • Christian Heritage Party, 819-281-6686, 1-888-868-3247, www.chp.ca
  • Communist Party of Canada, 416-469-2446, www.communist-party.ca
  • Libertarian Party of Canada, 613-288-9089, www.libertarian.ca
  • Marijuana Party of Canada, 514-507-5188, www.marijuanaparty.ca
  • Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada, 416-253-4475, www.mlpc.ca
  • Party for Accountability, Competency and Transparency, 416-567-6913, www.onlineparty.ca
  • Pirate Party of Canada, (877) 978-2023, www.pirateparty.ca
  • Progressive Canadian Party, 905-853-8949, www.pcparty.org
  • Rhinoceros Party, 514-903-9450, www.neorhino.ca
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Mar 262014
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Stop the Attack on Democracy!

Demand C-23 be Withdrawn Now!

The Communist Party of Canada joins with other federally-registered political parties, labour and community organizations, and hundreds of Canadian and international constitutional experts and scholars in condemning the anti-democratic character of the so-called Fair Elections Act (C-23) and demanding its immediate withdrawal. We urge all democratically-minded Canadians, unions and people’s organizations to act now to defeat this legislation. Continue reading »

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Mar 132014
no to nato

The deepening political crisis in Ukraine and the threat of regional conflict, possibly an even wider war erupting over the fate of Crimea, is extremely alarming. The ‘war of words’ emanating from Washington and Brussels is enflaming international tensions and could in turn provoke a global catastrophe. This crisis has been stoked by the ongoing imperialist strategy of the U.S. and NATO to encircle Russia, as seen in the installation of anti-missile systems in Poland, and the integration of Georgia into the NATO alliance. Their goal is to isolate Russia and China, neutralizing potential obstacles to the drive by transnational capital based in the NATO countries to exploit the resources and labour power of the entire planet.

It is appalling that the Harper Conservative government has been playing an active role in this dangerous escalation, and that the mainstream media continue to whip up lies and distortions around recent developments in Ukraine. The claim by right-wing forces that the March 16 referendum on the status of the Crimean Autonomous Republic is equivalent to the 1936 Nazi occupation of Sudetenland is particularly odious. The unchecked expansion of Hitler fascism led to World War Two, which killed some 60 million people, including over 27 million citizens of the USSR. As an autonomous republic, Crimea has the legal right to determine its status, free from all foreign interference. Continue reading »

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Mar 132014

As violent, anti-democratic protests continue in Venezuela, the corporate media in Canada are deliberately spreading lies and confusion about the situation in that country. At this difficult time, the Communist Party of Canada expresses our full solidarity with the people of Venezuela and their freely elected government, and we condemn the vicious campaign of disinformation conducted by right-wing forces in this country against Venezuela.

It is not surprising that the Canadian ruling class joins with U.S. imperialism in supporting the latest attempt to impose a brutal “regime change” in Venezuela. The attitude of the Canadian government was shown clearly last year. At that time, Prime Minister Stephen Harper issued a shocking, insulting statement hoping that the death of President Hugo Chavez would bring “a more promising future for the Venezuelan people… based on the principles of freedom, democracy, the rule of law and respect for human rights.” Continue reading »

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Mar 082014

For over a century, March 8 has been the international day to honour the women in all countries who strive to achieve full equality. On IWD 2014, the Communist Party of Canada sends our warmest greetings to all women in the fight against poverty, austerity, violence, misogyny and war. As the United Nations has declared for this year’s IWD, “equality for women is progress for all.”

Here, the ruling class claims that Canada is a country of equality, fairness and social justice. Yet recent years have seen huge struggles around issues such as access to education, pay equity, union rights, jobs, devastation of the environment, deportations of migrants. Women have played a leading role in the Quebec student strike, the Idle No More movement, grassroots environmental struggles, and defence of labour and social rights. Continue reading »

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