Sep 302019

The news that the Canadian Labour Congress has stripped Vice-President Donald Lafleur of his duties and put him on administrative leave raises many troubling questions. This action runs counter to the urgent need for labour to adopt a more militant fightback strategy, to strengthen the role of trade unions in the struggles for peace and international solidarity, and to promote a more democratic and inclusive leadership style, from the top levels of the CLC down to the provincial federations, labour councils, and union locals.

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Sep 242019

Images of the Prime Minister in blackface have exposed what most racialized, Indigenous and progressive people have long suspected.  This incident points to the real, intertwined issues of individual and systemic racism in Canada. Justin Trudeau is part of the ruling class, and – in politics or not – has greatly benefitted from a political system built on racism and exploitation.  The Liberals and Tories – which have formed all the federal governments since Confederation – are the defenders and propagators of capitalism, and are responsible for the policies and actions that have caused such misery and death for Indigenous and racialized people in Canada, and facilitated the massive accumulation of wealth by the corporations operating here.

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Sep 112019

Oppose war and respect the right of national self-determination!

The Communist Party of Canada stands with progressive and democratic voices around the world in condemning the Indian government’s decision to attack the national rights of Jammu and Kashmir, by abrogating its constitutional special status and denying it of its right to Indian statehood. In the process, the reactionary government of Narendra Modi has fanned the flames of ethnic and religious division, regional conflict, and war involving nuclear armed states.

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Sep 012019

This Labour Day, we rally and march in the shadow of the upcoming federal election. Without question, the stakes are enormous for the working class – issues of economic insecurity, environmental devastation, and the danger of widespread war are all on the line. This is a key moment for the labour movement to campaign for its own political, social and economic policies, and to make these a benchmark for all those seeking labour’s support.

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Jul 242019

Le Parti communiste du Canada condamne rhétorique guerrière et l’escalade des tensions contre l’Iran et demande au gouvernement canadien de prendre des mesures immédiates pour désamorcer cette crise qui risque de déclencher une guerre régionale pouvant impliquer des armes nucléaires. Le gouvernement canadien doit faire pression pour le retrait immédiat de la région de toutes les forces militaires étatsuniennes et de l’OTAN et normaliser ses relations diplomatiques avec l’Iran.

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Jul 222019

The Communist Party of Canada condemns the ongoing foreign belligerence and escalating drive to war against Iran and demands that the Canadian government take immediate action to de-escalate the crisis, which risks an all-out, regional war that could involve nuclear weapons. This includes the immediate withdrawal of all US and NATO forces from the region, and normalization of diplomatic relations with Iran.

The current crisis is the direct result of United States’ provocation, which is increasing on a daily basis.

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Jul 182019

In the wake of the recent announcement from Bombardier that it will cut 550 jobs at its Thunder Bay Rail Transportation facility, the Communist Party of Canada is reiterating its call for the aerospace and transportation corporation to be placed under public ownership and democratic control.

The job cuts are devastating to the Northern Ontario city of just over 100,000 people, where Bombardier is the 8th largest employer. The announcement comes on the heels of 15,000 job cuts worldwide over the previous three years, including 3000 in Quebec and Ontario in November 2018. Over that same period, Bombardier received at least $4 billion in public bailouts from the federal, Ontario and Quebec governments.

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Jun 252019

La Ligue de la jeunesse communiste et le Parti communiste du Canada dénoncent conjointement la fermeture de l’Ambassade du Canada au Venezuela ainsi que le chantage diplomatique ayant forcé, en corolaire, la Chancellerie du Venezuela, à fermer ses consulats de Montréal, Toronto et Vancouver par mesure de réciprocité.

La ministre des Affaires étrangères, Chrystia Freeland, a justifié cette décision par le fait que le Venezuela empêcherait l’accréditation de certains diplomates. Or, cette décision n’est en rien justifiable d’un point de vue diplomatique. Il s’agit d’une décision purement politique qui vise à s’investir de plus belle dans l’agression multifacétique dont est victime le Venezuela, notamment en diabolisant le gouvernement vénézuélien afin d’éventuellement mieux justifier la nécessité d’intervenir dans ce pays.

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