Aug 092022

The world marks the 77th anniversary of the US nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki with new US provocations in Asia, this time aimed at China and the people of Taiwan.  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s expedition to Taiwan accompanied by US fighter jets, battle ships and an aircraft carrier circling China’s borders , “to protect /defend democracy” – led to the scrambling of Chinese fighter jets in response, in a confrontation that had the whole world on edge for several days.

Not content with being the only country ever to use nuclear weapons with the awful toll of 200,000 people killed – many of them vaporized, and with many more left with the horrific consequences of nuclear ‘rain’ impacting generations of Japanese survivors and their children, the US government came very close to starting World War III with Pelosi’s stopover in Taiwan last week.

Not content with escalating and fueling the war in Ukraine against Russia, US imperialism and its NATO allies aim to escalate their political and economic attacks on China with military force- up to and including war.  Their goal is to maintain US imperialism as the dominant political, economic and military force in the world. 

China has every right to protect its sovereignty, and the territory of Taiwan which is part of China, as recognized by the UN.  The One China policy  endorsed by the UN, reflects the end of the colonial era in which Taiwan, Hong Kong and other parts of China, as well as Vietnam, Korea, and other countries in the region were seized and exploited by the colonial powers without any pretense of democratic government or democratic or labour or human rights.    

US aggression can no longer reverse history’s direction, can no longer revive neo-colonialism, cannot unilaterally alter national borders and international boundaries to suit their own interests.

This kind of brinkmanship threatens the peace, security, democracy, sovereignty and independence, of states, nations and peoples around the world.  It flies in the face of the UN Charter, and everything we know about nuclear weapons and their capacity to destroy the planet many times over should they ever be used.

Further, US Imperialism is using the Pelosi provocation to intensify its global anti-communist propaganda, a necessity in the midst of a globalised and exacerbated crisis of capitalism and where the superiority of socialism is becoming increasingly evident for the peoples of the world. The Communist Party calls on the Canadian government and Parliament to immediately end its support of US aggression in Europe, in Asia and elsewhere in the world, and to adopt a made in Canada foreign policy of peace and disarmament.  We demand Canada adopt a policy supporting multi-lateral nuclear disarmament and the abolition of nuclear weapons, a no-first strike pledge, the dismantling of NATO and NORAD,  cancellation of the purchase of fighter jets and warships and an end to the production , sale and export of war materiel, repatriation of all Canadian troops stationed abroad, including in Eastern Europe and the Pacific, and an end to militarism and aggression, and reduction of military spending by 75%; with funds redirected to socially useful  investments in jobs, healthcare, childcare, education, the environment, culture, and public services. 

The future of Canada and the world depends on it.

Central Executive Committee, Communist Party of Canada

August 9, 2022