May 122021
Free Palestine

The Communist Party of Canada denounces the Israeli government for its barbaric attacks on the Palestinian residents of Sheikh Jarrah in occupied East Jerusalem, its forced eviction of Palestinians from their homes, which are then occupied by Israeli settlers, and its vicious and racist attacks on peaceful worshippers at the Al-Aqsa Mosque.  This is ethnic cleansing, and a crime against humanity under the UN Charter.

While Israeli courts have attempted to legitimize the forced displacement of Palestinian families with their apartheid laws, Israeli police, military and settlers have terrorized Palestinian residents in an effort to drive them out of their homes.  Over 100 Palestinians have been attacked, with scores injured and killed – including children, by Israeli police and settlers inciting racist violence, including mobs chanting “Death to Arabs”.    

We demand the Canadian government – a self-proclaimed “great friend of Israel” – condemn these crimes against the Palestinians being perpetrated by the Israeli government, demand an immediate end to the forced evictions, displacement and violence against Palestinians in Sheikh Jarrah, and throughout the occupied territories.

We demand the Canadian government respond to these crimes by recalling Canadian diplomats, and by implementing boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel.

We further demand that the Canadian government finally speak up for a peaceful and democratic solution with the creation of a Palestinian state comprised of the land occupied by Israel since 1967, including the West Bank and Gaza, with the capital in East Jerusalem, and including the right of return of Palestinians in exile, as set out in myriad UN resolutions, including resolution 242.  

We further call on Parliament to condemn Israel’s widely reported genocidal policies against the Palestinian people, including the current and on-going forced displacement of Palestinians from their homes and their land, and its occupation by Israeli settlers.   This is genocide, recognized in the UN Charter, and around the world  – but not by Canada.   

Canada’s silence is consent. 

The Communist Party stands with the Palestinian people – the victims of Canadian and US support for Israel’s expansionist policies, and we support the right of the Palestinians to defend themselves against these policies and attacks, as set out in the UN Charter.   Their heroic resistance deserves the support of all who care about human rights and the rule of international law in the occupied territories.

 We call on the labour and democratic movements and all those opposed to Israel’s brutal attacks, forced displacement and seizure of Palestinian homes and lands, and its illegal occupation of East Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza, to demand that the Canadian government condemn Israel’s actions and support UN resolutions calling for an end to occupation, for the creation of a Palestinian state, and for peace.

Central Executive Committee
Communist Party of Canada
May 11, 2021

Cross-Canada Nakba Day & Palestinian Solidarity Rallies

Calgary, AB
Emergency Car Rally
Wednesday, May 12
6PM at Zoo North Parking [210 St George’s Dr NE]

Edmonton, AB
Drive for Palestine
Saturday, May 15
6PM at Castledowns YMCA [11510 153 Ave NW]

Hamilton, ON
All Out for Palestine
Sunday, May 16
4PM at Hamilton City Hall

Kitchener-Waterloo, ON
Saturday, May 15
5PM at Victoria Park Clock Tower

London, ON
Saturday, May 15
5PM w/ two starting points (check event)

Montreal, QC
Car Caravan
Saturday, May 15
11h00 at Parc Lafontaine [1300 Sherbrooke est]

Oakville, ON
Sunday, May 16
11:30AM at 240 Leighland Ave

Ottawa, ON
Saturday, May 15
1PM at Human Rights Monument [220 Elgin St]

Saint John, NB
Saturday, May 15
11AM at Market Square

St. John’s, NL
Rally for Palestine
Sunday, May 16
Noon at Bannerman Park [Military Rd]

Saskatoon, SK
Saturday, May 15
3PM at 500 Spadina Crescent East

Toronto, ON
Rally & Projector Action
Saturday, May 15
7PM at Toronto City Hall [100 Queen St W]

Vancouver, BC
Saturday, May 15
2PM at CBC Vancouver Plaza [700 Hamilton St]

Windsor, ON
Saturday, May 15
3:30PM at Riverside Dr E & Ouellette Ave

Winnipeg, MB
Car Rally
Saturday, May 15
1PM at Manitoba Legislature [450 Broadway]