End Zionist expansionism and genocide

 Posted on October 10, 2023
Oct 102023

The Communist Party of Canada calls for an immediate ceasefire to the new war unfolding in the Middle East for which the far-right Israeli government of Benjamin Netanyahu bears full responsibility, and for which the people of Gaza and Israel are paying with their lives.

The Israeli government, and its Zionist, expansionist aims has rejected a peaceful and democratic solution which would include the immediate creation of a Palestinian state comprised of the land occupied by Israel since 1967, including the West Bank and Gaza, with the capital in East Jerusalem, and including the right of return of Palestinians in exile, as set out in numerous UN resolutions, including resolution 242.

Instead Israel has forced Palestinians to live in the walled enclave of Gaza, has seized Palestinian land, and Palestinians have been expelled from their homes by police, military and settler mobs. Palestinians have been routinely killed by police and military, incarcerated and tortured, by the authority of consecutive Israeli governments and with the complete support of the US, Canada, and the European Union. These Israeli policies constitute a form of apartheid against the Palestinian people.

With no sign of any political solution that would save the Palestinian people from the genocidal policies of the Israeli government, Hamas has responded with a military action against Israel with the aim of creating a new and more favourable balance of political forces. This is an uprising of a people resisting obliteration.

The UN and the world’s people must urgently demand an immediate ceasefire, a permanent halt to Israel’s apartheid policies, and negotiations leading to the immediate implementation of UN resolution 242 and related resolutions, and the creation of a Palestinian state.

The Communist Party of Canada stands with the Palestinian people who are resisting Zionist expansionism supported by US, Canadian and European imperialism. Israeli civilians, including those who have been killed in this conflict, are being made to pay the costs of the crimes of Zionism, and must also demand an end to this genocide as a first step on the road to peace.

Shamefully, the Canadian government and all parties in Parliament have restated their longstanding policy of full support for the Israeli Zionist government, while falsely accusing people who express solidarity with Palestine of anti-semitism – just weeks after the Canadian Parliament gave two unanimous standing ovations to a fascist veteran of World War II.

We call on the Canadian government to recognize and condemn the genocide underway by the Israeli government, and to demand implementation of the UN resolutions now. This is the road to peace and the survival of the Palestinian people.

Further, we call on all progressive and peace-loving people and organizations in Canada to speak out now against the war and Zionist expansionism which is its cause.

Central Executive Committee, Communist Party of Canada