May 282023

Demand a Ceasefire, Dissolution of the Militias, and an End to War

On May 25th the Rapid Support Forces stormed and occupied the headquarters of the Sudanese Communist Party in Khartoum, Sudan. This fully armed military group broke down the doors of all offices and halls, carrying out extensive acts of vandalism, damage, and looting.

The Rapid Support Forces have continued their occupation and destruction since then, using the Communist Party’s offices as their militia headquarters.

We call on the government of Canada to demand an immediate ceasefire, the dissolution of the militias, and an end to the occupation of the Communist Party offices in Khartoum and to the illegal occupation of hospitals, homes, and other public and private places by the militias and all military forces. Those in the military and militia who have committed crimes against civilians, including members of the democratic movement and all the forces rejecting and opposing the war, including the Resistance Committees, trade unions, and political and patriotic forces, must be brought to justice. We call on the government of Canada to join all those around the world who care for peace and democracy who have condemned the violation of international laws and norms and to call for an end to the death and destruction in Sudan.

The Communist Party of Canada stands in unity and solidarity with the Sudanese Communist Party as it continues to stand in the front lines with the masses of the Sudanese people and their patriotic forces, demanding an end to the war and the prosecution of and holding to account all parties that have contributed to igniting it.

Central Executive Committee
Communist Party of Canada