Oct 172019

Stop New US War Plans in Syria, and Dissolve NATO Now

The Communist Party of Canada has condemned the Turkish invasion of Syria following the Trump announcement of a withdrawal of US forces, calling it an escalation of the dirty war on Syria by the US and NATO. 

The Trump announcement was a tacit signal that the US would not block the Erdogan government’s plans for aggression against the Kurdish population living in the sovereign territory of Syria. The Communist Party demands the immediate withdrawal of Turkish forces engaged in this bloodbath against the Kurds after crossing the border.  The Syrian government has committed to protect the Kurds from Turkish attacks in the wake of the US withdrawal, and is doing exactly that by moving troops within sovereign Syrian territory to defend against the invasionary forces.

The hypocritical disapproval by Washington and Ottawa of this dangerous and illegal military aggression by a NATO member country follows years of efforts by the US-led military alliance intent on stoking the war in Syria, with the goal of overthrowing the elected and sovereign Assad government and restoring US influence and control across the Middle East and Central Asia. The Turkish invasion of Syria is the latest in a series of acts of war which are illegal under the UN Charter and threaten to escalate into a global confrontation from which there would be no return. The presence of US troops and bases in many countries is a destabilizing factor across the region, from which US forces must be compelled to withdraw completely. We also call on the Canadian government to immediately withdraw from NATO, and to advocate the dissolution of this imperialist pact whose purpose is to use force to expand US strategic and military interests around the world. Canada needs an independent foreign policy of peace and disarmament, focusing on political solutions, not war and militarism.

Central Executive Committee, Communist Party of Canada