Sep 262023

Yesterday, the Cuban Diplomatic Mission in Washington was attacked by terrorists armed with Molotov cocktails. This is the second attack on the Mission in two years.

The ferocious political and economic attacks on Cuba by the Trump administration and now by the Biden administration have doubled down on the 61 year old economic blockade, with sanctions aimed to cripple the Cuban economy and starve the Cuban people. These acts are accompanied by the extra-territorial US “laws” that threaten countries that trade with Cuba, and companies that do business with Cuba; all aimed to isolate Cuba and break the will of the Cuban people to defend their sovereignty and independence. These acts of aggression against Cuba are accompanied by calls for the overthrow of the elected government of Cuba by top US political leaders and both political parties.

Anti-Cuban terrorists have had a free hand to attack Cuba, to blow up a Cuban airliner, launch an invasion of Cuba supported by the US military, make hundreds of attempts to assassinate Cuban leaders, plant bombs killing Cubans, use chemical and biological warfare to destroy crops and animals, sickening and killing thousands of people – for six decades. These are facts that are well-founded and well known around the world.

Today, following the US descent into far right politics, including armed militias, assassinations and murders, it is no surprise that these groups feel immune to prosecution for terrorist acts such as fire bombing the Cuban Diplomatic Mission, threatening its staff with injury or death.

The Communist Party of Canada condemns these terrorist acts, which are escalating, and which must be stopped now with the public condemnation and intervention of the Canadian government and Canada’s labour and democratic movements. Silence is not an option.

Further, Cuba must be removed from the US list of state sponsors of terrorism, and the US economic blockade and sanctions against Cuba must be lifted now.

Central Executive Committee, Communist Party of Canada