Tax credit information


Click here to donate online, or read below for more information about tax credits:

The federal government legally allows all registered political parties to issue official tax receipts for donations. The tax rebate is issued by Revenue Canada.

You can also donate to more than one registered political party.

The Communist Party of Canada never receives corporate sponsorships, nor have we ever we received a per-vote public subsidy granted to the big parties by the Federal government –  but we can offer any donation a tax receipt if you are a Canadian citizen with taxable income.  To issue a tax receipt, donations must be done through PayPal, cheque or money order.

For example, a donation of $100 costs you just $25.

All donations received before December 31 are eligible for tax credits in the new year.

Your donation is tax-creditable 75% on the first $400, 50% on the next $350, and 33% rebate on donations over $751 up to a maximum of $1,725 for a maximum rebate of $650.

For instance, after tax rebates:
-A contribution of $100 will cost the donor $25
-A contribution of $200 will cost the donor $50
-A contribution of $400 will cost the donor $100
-A contribution of $750 will cost the donor $275

An official tax receipt will be mailed to you by the end of February for inclusion in your tax return for 2024.

Click here to donate online.

If you would like to send a cheque or money order donation through mail, please make your cheque payable to “Communist Party of Canada” and mail it to:

Communist Party of Canada
290A Danforth Avenue
Toronto, ON  M4K 1N6

Any questions can be directed to info [at] or telephone our office at 416-469-2446.