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On Tuesday, October 3 Vote Communist!


German Lombana – Elmwood
Cam Scott – Wolseley
Damon Bath – St. Boniface
Andrew Taylor – Notre Dame
Rob Crooks – Fort Rouge


Defend and Expand Healthcare

  • Respect the Canada Health Act and oppose the privatization of healthcare
  • Stop hospital closures
  • Build the regional hospital in Portage La Prairie now  
  • Ensure public ownership and oversight of all long-term care homes 
  • Reverse the privatization of Medevac and air ambulance services
  • Expand Medicare to include pharmacare, dental and vision care, long-term care, and mental health care
  • Provide full healthcare coverage to all Manitoba residents regardless of immigration status
  • Recognize the opiate and amphetamine crisis as a health issue: focus on treatment and prevention of deaths
  • Fully fund the Mobile Overdose Prevention Site and build permanent safe injection sites to save lives
  • Make addiction treatment available on demand and barrier free, no more death and injury while on waitlists
  • Increase funding to the Mobile Crisis Unit 
  • Increase number of ambulances 

Recognize the Right to National Self-Determination

  • Search the Landfill 
  • Search the grounds of all residential schools with radar technology
  • Take immediate action to implement the recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and the Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls
  • Take immediate action to fund and improve living conditions, infrastructure, housing, education, healthcare, social services, and other urgent needs, including protection of language and culture, for Indigenous peoples on and off reserve
  • Stop the seizure of Indigenous children into ‘care’ and work with First Nations to fully implement the recommendations of the 2014 ‘Bringing Our Children Home’ Report
  • Guarantee the right to public and post-secondary education and to government services in French and Indigenous languages
  • Honour the treaties and the right of nations to self-determination, including through proper consultation regarding land use, education, health, and all elements of provincial jurisdiction

Create Jobs and Raise Living Standards — End Austerity

  • Raise the minimum wage to $23
  • Legislate a 32-hour work week with 40 hours pay
  • Reverse Bill 16 (Pallister’s anti-union legislation) 
  • Guarantee the right to strike, organize and picket
  • Remove barriers to employment  
  • Retrofit schools, hospitals, public buildings, and infrastructure with green technology
  • Expand public services and reverse privatization
  • Act now to fully implement the Accessibility for Manitobans Act
  • Remove barriers to accessing Manitoba Supports for Persons with Disabilities
  • Transform EIA into a guaranteed liveable income without disruption between employment, with immediate, barrier-free registration between work
  • Legislate a minimum of ten sick days for all workers, including part-time, gig, and contract workers

Fund Real Community Health and Safety, Not More Police

  • Oppose the construction of any and all new jails
  • Reallocate the province’s $24 million contribution to the Winnipeg Police Service to real community health and safety initiatives including housing, mental health supports, and food security
  • Disarm and de-militarize the police
  • Replace the Police Services Act with a Community Safety Act
  • Put police under civilian control, including the power to investigate police assaults and murders
  • Reduce pre-trial detentions and oppose discriminatory bail reforms

Make Housing a Right, Not a Privilege

  • Build 10,000 units of affordable rent-geared-to-income social housing 
  • Expropriate buildings of landlords who leave their buildings derelict
  • Follow the Community Vision for Portage Place, including Rent-Geared-to-Income Housing
  • Roll back rents and legislate real rent control
  • Ban all Above Guideline Rent Increases (AGIs)
  • Create and expand municipal land banks
  • Require landlords to provide heat and air conditioning
  • Recognize the rights of tenants to organize
  • Ban eviction or utility cut-offs due to strikes or layoffs

Say No to Privatization: Expand Public Services and Social Programs

  • Reverse Public-Private Partnerships (P3s)—a windfall for banks and developers, and a disaster for the public
  • Restore provincial funding and transfers for public services and social programs cut by previous governments
  • Reverse provincial download of services and funding
  • Fund services for youth, including amateur sports, recreation and culture
  • Expand municipal transit systems; make public transit free and accessible 
  • Create a Crown corporation to provide accessible, affordable and frequent public transit between rural communities and across the province
  • Restore MTS as a Crown corporation under public democratic control, with low-cost service to residential users
  • Expand fibre optic network across the province, and establish a 5G network for Manitoba 
  • Keep Manitoba Hydro public, and keep rates low
  • Oppose the privatization of AUTOPAC 

Fight for Climate Justice

  • Sharply reduce fossil fuel use and carbon emissions now, and eliminate them altogether by 2050
  • Enact legislation to compel corporate compliance, including jail terms for CEOs and public take-overs of offending companies
  • Develop renewable energy sources—solar, wind, thermal, hydro-electric, etc.—in a publicly owned and democratically controlled energy sector
  • Pay reparations to communities adversely impacted by Manitoba Hydro projects; reverse the destruction of waterways and shorelines
  • Develop an east-west power grid connecting western provinces
  • Fight to close tar sands and guarantee workers’ jobs in renewable energy and value-added manufacturing
  • Cancel all pipeline projects based on expansion of tar sands extraction and end fracking
  • Adopt an ecologically sound Critical Minerals Strategy, with robust Indigenous consultation and consideration of future impacts

Stop Corporate Attacks on Family Farmers

  • Curb the power of agri-business and protect and expand supply management in agriculture
  • Cap the costs of farm inputs, including machinery, seed and feed, etc.
  • Raise farm incomes and make bank foreclosures illegal
  • Legislate stronger labour and minimum wage laws for farm workers 
  • Ban GMO and ‘terminator’ seeds; shift to environmentally sustainable methods of food production  
  • Set price controls on food staples for Northern and Indigenous communities
  • Increase food safety inspections and ensure Canada’s food sovereignty

Make Education Free and Universally Accessible

  • Fund public and post-secondary education  
  • Eliminate tuition fees for students in publicly funded colleges and universities
  • Eliminate corporate intrusions into courses and curricula
  • Expand liberal arts, labour, Indigenous, and women’s and gender studies
  • Ban hate speech and protect free speech on campus
  • Ban military and police recruitment on all campuses and schools
  • End public financing of private and religious schools

Expand Women’s Rights and Gender Equality

  • Enact equal pay for work of equal value across the public and private sector
  • Legislate reproductive choice, and universal access to abortion across the province in free-standing clinics
  • Build a provincial system of universally accessible, affordable, quality public childcare
  • Stop the attacks on the equality rights of 2SLGBTQI people
  • Protect and expand access to gender-affirming surgery and HRT

Tax the Corporations and the Rich

  • Restore a progressive tax system based on ability to pay
  • Double the corporate tax rate and raise taxes on the wealthy
  • Collect unpaid and deferred corporate taxes and close tax loopholes
  • Eliminate taxes on incomes under $40,000
  • Introduce a wealth and inheritance tax on estates over $1 million
  • Restore the capital tax and increase the capital gains tax to 100% of the gain
  • Enact capital controls to prevent capital flight
  • Axe the provincial sales tax and the HST
  • Take education off the property tax and cut property taxes by 50%

Fight for Justice and Solidarity, Fight Against Racism and Discrimination

  • Implement BDS demands in all Manitoban public institutions
  • Stop the import of Israeli products into Manitoba
  • Stop the export of Manitoba products to Israel
  • Address issues of anti-Black and anti-Indigenous racism and other forms of discrimination, including discrimination against people with disabilities, the poor, and 2SLGBTQI people, through public awareness campaigns

Make Every Vote Count

  • Enact mixed member proportional representation to make every vote count