Aug 172020
No To Annexation

Dear Comrades:

Please accept our sincere condolences on the passing of Comrade Le Kha Phieu, former General Secretary of the Communist Party of Viet Nam.

We also send our deep sympathy to the family of Comrade Le Kha Phieu.

Comrade Le Kha Phieu devoted his life to the struggle of the Vietnamese people for independence from French colonialism and US imperialism, and for socialism in Vietnam.  His bravery and leadership in the military and the Party during these brutal wars, and his work leading the Party and the country through post-war reconstruction and the loss of the socialist system of states in Europe, will always be remembered.

The passing of Comrade Le Kha Phieu is a reminder of the long, and close relationship between our two parties, founded in our common struggle for peace and socialism, and cemented in the struggle against imperialism’s 40 years of war and aggression against Vietnam.   During these years, our Party fought hard to build the anti-war movement in Canada, to mobilize public opinion and government action against the French and US war machines, and in solidarity with the heroic people of Vietnam.  Our parties worked closely together, including a visit by our General Secretary Tim Buck with Comrade Ho Chi Minh in Hanoi in 1963, and the speaking tours by Vietnamese comrades in Canada during those years.  

We will never forget the contribution made by comrade Le Kha Phieu in the struggles against colonialism and imperialism, for national liberation, and for peace and socialism.


Elizabeth Rowley
Communist Party of Canada