Aug 072018

Communists condemn assassination attempt on Venezuela’s President Maduro and demand Canada end its sanctions now and cut ties with Venezuela’s far right opposition.

The Communist Party of Canada condemns the attempted assassination of Venezuela’s newly elected President Nicolas Maduro on August 4th as an act of terrorism.

Six arrests have been made so far and evidence has been collected showing that Colombia is the source of the drones used to attack Maduro during an outdoor address by the President on Saturday. The drones that were loaded with explosives have been directly linked to assassins trained in Colombia with links to the oligarchy and state in Colombia.

The assassination attempt follows on nation-wide elections held in May, in which Nicolas Maduro, leader of the PSUV, was re-elected President of the country with just under 70% of the popular vote.  International observers present for the election announced that the vote and the result was free and fair, though internal and external opponents of the Bolivarian Revolution championed by the PSUV and Maduro, denounced the election. Among these opponents were Canada, the US, Israel, and Colombia who have called for regime-change, with US President Trump threatening to overthrow the government during his UN address.

Canada’s despicable role in supporting US plans to overthrow the Maduro government, in imposing economic sanctions on Venezuela, in expelling the Venezuelan Ambassador and his staff from Canada, in organizing the Lima Group to mount the external campaign of vilification and disinformation to undermine the elected government, must now be recognized for what it is: illegal acts of war against a sovereign state and people which are war crimes under the UN Charter.

Canada’s continued participation in these war crimes, which now include assassination attempts on a head of state, must be condemned by Parliament and the government of Canada while there is still time to reverse course and stop these acts of state terrorism in which Canada has been involved directly or indirectly.

The Nuremburg trials leave no doubt that ignorance is no defence against war crimes.

Hands Off Venezuela!

For a Canadian foreign policy of peace and disarmament!

Defend Venezuela’s right to sovereignty and self-determination!

Central Executive Committee, Communist Party of Canada