Feb 222018

On February 9, the complete official results of the recent parliamentary election in Nepal were announced, confirming that the CPN-United Marxist-Leninist (CPN-UML) and the CPN (Maoist Centre) parties have received a strong popular mandate to unite and govern the country.

The new 275 member federal parliament will include 121 CPN-UML members, and 53 from the CPN (Maoist Centre), for a governing majority of 174 seats. The bourgeois Nepali Congress elected 63, along with 17 from the Rastriya Janata Party (RJP), and 16 from the Sanghiya Samajbadi Forum Nepal (SSFN), and a few from smaller parties. Of the 110 proportional representation seats (which are part of the 275 total) the  CPN-UML won 41 seats, Nepali Congress (NC) 40, CPN (Maoist Centre) 17, Rastriya Janata Party six, and Sanghiya Samajbadi Forum Nepal six.

These results are a resounding affirmation of the desire of the working people of Nepal for deep-going social and democratic transformation, under the unified leadership of the two Communist parties. The CC of the Communist Party of Canada extends our warmest congratulations to the Communists of Nepal, and our best wishes as they form a new government and begin to take on the enormous challenges of building a new and brighter future for their country.

Special resolution of the Central Committee, Communist Party of Canada, Feb 11th, 2018