Apr 142021
Nationalize Air Canada Now

Today’s announcement that the Canadian government intends to provide the owners of Air Canada with a $5.9 billion bail-out is the wrong decision for Canadians.  It’s wrong for laid-off airline workers, and it’s wrong for the public who will pay a steep price for earlier Liberal and Tory decisions to privatize Air Canada and deregulate the airline industry in Canada.

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Mar 112021

Public ownership and international solidarity can defeat COVID-19

The Communist Party of Canada demands that access to vaccines against COVID-19 be regarded as a human right and not a commodity. Vaccines must be made public, mass produced around the world and distributed for free. 

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Mar 022021

Le Parti communiste du Canada condamne la motion conservatrice adoptée par le Parlement le 22 fevrier dernier, déclarant le peuple Ouïghour de Chine comme victime de génocide. Cette accusation n’a aucune base réelle et répond d’une pure fabulation de l’administration Trump – maintenant de l’administration Biden également. Elle est destinée à justifier une Guerre froide menée par les États-Unis afin de miner l’influence économique et politique de la Chine à travers le monde.

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Mar 012021

The Communist Party of Canada condemns the Tory motion passed by Parliament on Febuary 22nd, declaring the Uyghur people of China as the victims of genocide. This charge has no basis in fact, and is a creation of the Trump administration – and now the Biden administration – in the US Cold War campaign to undermine China’s growing economic and political influence globally.

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Feb 242021

La campagne impérialiste pour fomenter une nouvelle “guerre froide” contre la République populaire de Chine (RPC), qui a véritablement commencé avec le “pivot vers l’Asie” du président américain Obama en 2011 et qui s’est fortement accélérée sous l’administration Trump ces dernières années, continue de se déployer. Le gouvernement Trudeau, avec le soutien et l’encouragement de tous les autres partis au Parlement, joue un rôle de plus en plus actif dans cette offensive dangereuse et hautement déstabilisatrice contre la Chine. Celles et ceux qui défendent la paix, le désarmement, le respect mutuel et la coopération dans les relations internationales doivent maintenant s’opposer à ces événements inquiétants.

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Feb 232021

The imperialist campaign to foment a new ‘Cold War’ against the People’s Republic of China (PRC), which began in earnest with U.S. President Obama’s “Pivot to Asia” in 2011 and which accelerated sharply under the Trump Administration in recent years, continues to unfold. The Trudeau government, with the support and encouragement of all other parties in parliament, is playing an increasingly active role in this dangerous and highly de-stabilizing offensive against China. Those who stand for peace, disarmament, mutual respect and cooperation in international relations must speak out now in opposition to these ominous developments.

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Jan 092021

The Communist Party condemns the attempted coup d’état by white supremacist and fascist movements urged on by US President Donald Trump January 6th, and warns that Trump’s imminent departure from the White House does not mark the end of the fascist danger in the US.

Trump is the head of a movement that secured the votes and has the support of almost half of white adults in the US, and is backed by police across the country, as well as important sections of Big Business.  He is not a lone ranger, but the most visible leader of a well-organized and well-financed movement with ties to similar far-right and fascist movements around the globe.

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Sep 282020

Patchwork too thin, too temporary for 4 million victims of capitalist crisis

Recent changes to Employment Insurance, combined with the new Canada Recovery Benefit (CRB) proposed by the government in the Throne Speech, will slash benefits to 2.7 million unemployed who just barely got by on Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB). Another 482,000 will be left with no benefits at all after CERB wraps up this week.

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