Jan 312017

The Communist Party of Canada today condemned the deadly attack by a masked gunman with assault weapons which killed 6 people and injured 19 more, who were at prayers in the Grand Mosque in St. Foy, Quebec Sunday night.

The Party’s Executive Committee expressed deepest sympathy to the families of those killed and injured in this heinous act of hate, and expressed its determination to unite Canadians to oppose and defeat the racism, xenophobia and Islamophobia  being whipped up in the US, Europe and Canada today. Continue reading »

Dec 222016

Brief to the House Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security

Consultation on Canada’s National Security Framework, including Bill C-51

Communist Party of Canada, December 2016

The following Brief outlines the position of the Communist Party of Canada regarding former five-part omnibus Bill C-51, (the Anti-terrorism Act, passed by the Harper Conservative government in 2015) and the threat that the renewed “War on Terror” posses to fundamental human rights, security and peace. Continue reading »

Dec 192016

Dear friends,

I’m writing to you because we need your help.

We are at a tipping point. The ultra-right is growing quickly. And the attack on working people is getting stronger.

You Can Build the Fight For Peace, Jobs, Sovereignty, Democracy and Socialism!

Working people have reached the breaking point.  Mass unemployment, precarious work, and poverty are the new normal. We demand fundamental economic, social and political change.

The ultra-right wants to use this crisis to target us. They have targeted immigrants and refugees, Muslims, racialized and Indigenous peoples, women, organized labour and people’s movements like Black Lives Matter, Idle No More, No-One is Illegal, and BDS.

Now more than ever, the Communist Party must be a strong force.

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Nov 102016

Déclaration sur les élections américaines, Comité exécutif central, Parti communiste du Canada, 10 novembre 2016

L’élection de Donald Trump marque un changement extrêmement dangereux qui menace la paix, la démocratie et la souveraineté à l’extérieur des États-Unis, et les droits civils et sociaux, ainsi que le droit à l’égalité aux États-Unis mêmes. En tant que chef de facto d’un mouvement fasciste, Trump a été comparé à Silvio Berlusconi, le dirigeant fasciste du parti italien Le peuple de la liberté. Les Républicains contrôlent maintenant la Chambre des représentants, le Sénat et le pouvoir exécutif, avec le pouvoir de faire des nominations cruciales à la Cour suprême. Continue reading »

Jul 302016

The best thing about the federal government’s pension reform is its pending decision to restore the age of eligibility for Old Age Security (OAS) to 65. It was Harper who raised the age to 67, citing the OECD countries which had re-set the pension age to 67, and in one case to 68. Canadians were living too long, was the argument, and ought to be working – not retiring at 65 – like the Europeans.

These are the same governments that imposed vicious austerity measures right across Europe, that in Greece have led to the suicides of pensioners including a pharmacist who said he refused to eat out of garbage cans.

In Canada the OAS is a significant amount of money for many retirees without a private plan, and can easily double the CPP payments for low-income workers. Harper’s plan was to force seniors to stay in the workforce, many competing with young workers for low-waged entry level jobs.

But the CPP reform, touted by federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau as an agreement that will make “a real difference in all our children’s future lives and I hope for many of you… It’s a historic day”, won’t make any difference at all for today’s pensioners whose incomes won’t rise by a single nickel.

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Jul 292016

In the lead up to the June 23 Brexit vote, Canadian media reported almost daily on the line-up of right-wing, anti-immigrant, racist and fascist organizations that were campaigning in support of Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union: the Brexit referendum.

The message to Canadians was clear: Brexit is dangerous; the European Union is safe. To nail down that assessment with working people, the leader of Britain’s TUC, Frances O’Grady, confirmed that maintaining Britain’s labour rights and standards hinged on enforcement by the European Union – not the British government which she said, would first erode and then eliminate workers’ rights and standards.

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