Aug 252016

Our 38th Central Convention meets at a moment of escalating danger, from increasing war, environmental crisis and economic decay. As the systemic crisis of capitalism continues to deepen, and the effects of the 2008 economic meltdown continue to be felt, imperialist states and organizations are becoming increasingly aggressive. The standoff between nuclear armed states in Ukraine and the expanding war in Syria are powderkegs that threaten disaster. Millions upon millions of people in all parts of the world are being forced into poverty, hunger, homelessness and displacement.

But this is also a moment of rising working class and popular resistance. In all countries, albeit unevenly and with different characteristics, we see increased unity and mobilization. From online campaigns to mass demonstrations, general strikes, and political actions, people are using many different vehicles to advance these struggles. This is also expressed by the rising popularity of so-called democratic socialism, with all its contradictions, which is examined in detail in this report.

In Canada, the electoral defeat of the Conservatives in October 2015 represents a significant victory for the working class, Indigenous peoples, racialized communities, women, LGBTiQ communities, youth and students. While the victory of the Liberal party does not represent a break from the reactionary policies that are characteristic of the Canadian state, through a united, conscious political and organizational struggle we can open new space and possibilities in the fight for peace and disarmament, for immediate action to combat climate change, and for social equity and social justice. These advances can be realized – and can become concrete steps toward more fundamental change. Continue reading »

Aug 252016

As the economic crisis continues, more progressive people are drawing partisan conclusions and deciding they need to take action, get organized and involve themselves in resistance. Some are becoming active in their unions and mass organizations. The most advanced are being won to the struggle for socialism, and some are joining our ranks.

The urgent question today is to forge a plan of united class action linking the struggle for reforms with the revolutionary struggle for socialism.

Neither social reformism nor ultra-leftism can forge such a way forward. Socialist theory and practice will not arise spontaneously. Only the work of the Communist Party, as our programme says, Afuses scientific socialism with the class struggle and by so doing spreads political and socialist consciousness among the workers B an awareness of their historic mission as a class,@ to lead the peoples of Canada from capitalism to socialism and ultimately communism. Continue reading »

Jun 192016

Keynote address delivered by Elizabeth Rowley, leader of the Communist Party of Canada at the occasion of the Parties 38th Central Convention in Toronto.

Comrade Chair and Comrades:

We open this convention with a warm welcome to all of the Delegates and Alternates who have traveled from all over Canada to attend this 38th Convention of our Party, which takes place just one week short of the 95th anniversary of our Party’s birth on May 28, 1921. Continue reading »

May 012016

May Day greetings from the Central Executive Committee, Communist Party of Canada

May Day 2016 arrives in an environment where stagnating imperialism seeks to extend its existence, using war, nationalism, militarism, religious fundamentalism and racism to continue its exploitation of the planet and its peoples. Inter-imperialist rivalries for world domination escalate the dangers of war and ecological destruction, to the extent that the survival of our species is a concrete and immediate question. The socialist alternative, first achieved in statehood by the victory of the great proletarian revolution of 1917, is no longer an option but the essence of the struggle for existence. The socialist states that exist, or the development of transitional forms to socialism, are harbingers of the future, the ingredients of salvation. These are the parameters of the global struggle for life, for the continuity of our species. Continue reading »

Nov 162015

At the recent 17th International Meeting of Communist & Workers’ Parties held in Istanbul, the Communist Party of Canada delegation prepared a special resolution (below) to garner international support for the campaign for boycotts, divestment and sanctions against Israel. Four other parties were approached to co-sponsor the resolution (CPs of Britain, Ireland, Lebanon and South Africa), and all agreed to do so. To date, 43 parties have endorsed the resolution. This initiative reflects our party’s commitment to increasing international pressure on the Zionist state, and our solidarity with the Palestinian people.

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