May 012019

Dans le monde entier, le 1er mai 2019 sera célébré comme une journée de lutte pour les droits des travailleur-euse-s, la paix, la démocratie, la solidarité et la durabilité environnementale. Le 1er mai commémorera également le 100ième anniversaire de l’historique grève générale de Winnipeg, en 1919. Mais en même temps, les ennemis de la classe ouvrière sont en train d’entraîner le monde dans la guerre, le fascisme et vers la catastrophe climatique, tandis que des élections fédérales cruciales auront lieu dans quelques mois au Canada.

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Jul 162018

The Communist Party of Canada condemns Prime Minister Trudeau’s announcement at the NATO summit this past week that Canada will lead a new NATO mission in Iraq and expand its military role in Latvia. Canada must immediately withdraw from NATO, cut military spending and bring Canadian troops home. Continue reading »

Mar 192018

Unite Against War and Reaction – People Not Profits!

Political Report of the February 10th and 11th Central Committee meeting of the Communist Party of Canada

The International Situation

We are meeting just past the one-year mark since the Trump administration’s arrival in office, and what a year it has been.  According to the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists we are now closer to “the end of humanity” than at any time since 1953 and the US test of its first thermonuclear device.  The Doomsday Clock, the countdown to “The End of It All” moved 30 seconds closer to midnight January 25th.  “As of today it is 2 minutes to midnight”, the scientists state.  Continue reading »

Mar 082018

Imagine we all have homes to live in, decent paying jobs, free education, free universal quality childcare.

Imagine a country where the rights of Indigenous Peoples were truly recognized and upheld and where we have already taken major steps toward decolonization.

Imagine a world with well-resourced, meaningful, effective educational work and legal steps taken to combat racism, sexism, and discrimination on basis of sexual orientation and gender identity and expression. Continue reading »

Feb 222018

This month marks the 75th anniversary of the turning point of the Second World War – the Battle of Stalingrad. The Central Committee of the Communist Party of Canada salutes this historic victory over Hitler fascism by the Soviet Red Army, a victory which was won at such great cost to the people of the Soviet Union. Their heroic sacrifices blocked the threat of fascism in Europe and on a global scale. Continue reading »