Aug 252016

As the economic crisis continues, more progressive people are drawing partisan conclusions and deciding they need to take action, get organized and involve themselves in resistance. Some are becoming active in their unions and mass organizations. The most advanced are being won to the struggle for socialism, and some are joining our ranks.

The urgent question today is to forge a plan of united class action linking the struggle for reforms with the revolutionary struggle for socialism.

Neither social reformism nor ultra-leftism can forge such a way forward. Socialist theory and practice will not arise spontaneously. Only the work of the Communist Party, as our programme says, Afuses scientific socialism with the class struggle and by so doing spreads political and socialist consciousness among the workers B an awareness of their historic mission as a class,@ to lead the peoples of Canada from capitalism to socialism and ultimately communism. Continue reading »

Sep 012014

Right across Canada, people are challenging the abuses of capitalism and asking serious questions about how to move forward to a better world.  Recent years have seen huge popular struggles:  protests against corporate trade sellouts, the Idle No More movement for indigenous sovereignty, the Quebec student strike, mobilizations against fracking and tar sands exports, labour resistance against attacks by bosses and governments, struggles for gender equality and against racism and homophobia, opposition to Canada’s role in imperialist war-making, and much more.

This Labour Day the Communist Party, which has a proud record in many historic struggles against exploitation and oppression, is launching a campaign to reach out to all those who want to build a stronger fightback.  We urge you to join the party that fights for the working class and all those who want to unite in action for a socialist future!

Please visit our recruitment campaign site here.