May 172018

The Communist Party of Canada condemns the calculated slaughter of 60 Palestinian protestors, and the deliberate wounding of 2,700 others including women, children, and the elderly by Israeli snipers on the border with Gaza May 14th.  These are war crimes and crimes against humanity under the UN Charter, which the government of Canada and all people of good conscience must condemn, and demand that Israel be held accountable under international law.  Continue reading »

May 102018

On May 8th, security state forces of the fascist Ukrainian government forced their way into the home of Petro Simonenko, leader of the Communist Party of Ukraine, destroying the front entrance and contents over the strenuous objections to what was a vicious and unlawful attack.  At the same time, the offices of the Communist Party of Ukraine were also unlawfully attacked and occupied.  It appears likely that the fascist government intends to arrest Simonenko on trumped up charges in the next few days. Continue reading »

Apr 302018

As we celebrate and build the struggles of the working class around the world this May Day, the enemies of peace are busy organizing for war.

The list of countries under attack or facing increasingly bellicose threats by the United States and its NATO allies is growing. The last year has seen sweeping sanctions and destabilization attempts against the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela, US and Canadian backing for an ongoing soft-coup in Brazil, and an election stolen by the elite in Honduras. Continue reading »

Apr 302018

Alors que nous sommes en train de nous organiser pour célébrer et construire les luttes de la classe ouvrière à travers le monde en ce premier mai, les ennemis de la paix sont occupés à s’organiser pour la guerre.

La liste des pays attaqués ou confrontés à des menaces de plus en plus belliqueuses de la part des États-Unis et de leurs alliés de l’OTAN est en augmentation. La dernière année a été marquée par une progression des sanctions et des tentatives de déstabilisation contre la révolution bolivarienne au Venezuela, alors que les États-Unis et le Canada ont soutenu le coup d’État institutionnel (soft coup) en cours au Brésil ainsi qu’une élection volée par l’élite au Honduras. Continue reading »

Apr 142018

The Communist Party of Canada condemns the illegal and murderous airstrikes on Syria conducted by the US, UK and France April 13th, and the support given to these attacks by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.  We call on Parliament to condemn the airstrikes which are illegal under international law, under US law and under UK law, and under the UN Charter that rules these are war crimes. Continue reading »

Apr 142018

Le Parti communiste du Canada dénonce les attaques aériennes meurtrières et illégales dirigées contre la Syrie par les États-Unis, la France et la Grande-Bretagne le 13 avril ainsi que l’appui dont elles ont bénéficié de la part du Premier Ministre Justin Trudeau. Nous demandons au Parlement de dénoncer ces attaques aériennes illégales selon le droit international, selon le droit des États-Unis, de la Grande-Bretagne et de la France. Selon la Charte des Nations unies, à laquelle ces pays sont censés adhérer, ces attaques représentent des crimes de guerre. Continue reading »