Mar 282018

The March 19 announcement that Canada will send “peacekeepers” to the west African country of Mali is an ominous signal that under Justin Trudeau’s Liberals, Canada is increasing its role in dirty wars intended to make the world safe for imperialist exploitation.

The deepening crisis in Mali has its origins in a variety of factors, from the history of intervention by French imperialism, to the overthrow of Libya’s Col. Gaddafi, and the scramble for hydrocarbons and uranium wealth by western-based corporate interests. Continue reading »

Mar 192018

Unite Against War and Reaction – People Not Profits!

Political Report of the February 10th and 11th Central Committee meeting of the Communist Party of Canada

The International Situation

We are meeting just past the one-year mark since the Trump administration’s arrival in office, and what a year it has been.  According to the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists we are now closer to “the end of humanity” than at any time since 1953 and the US test of its first thermonuclear device.  The Doomsday Clock, the countdown to “The End of It All” moved 30 seconds closer to midnight January 25th.  “As of today it is 2 minutes to midnight”, the scientists state.  Continue reading »

Mar 082018

Imagine we all have homes to live in, decent paying jobs, free education, free universal quality childcare.

Imagine a country where the rights of Indigenous Peoples were truly recognized and upheld and where we have already taken major steps toward decolonization.

Imagine a world with well-resourced, meaningful, effective educational work and legal steps taken to combat racism, sexism, and discrimination on basis of sexual orientation and gender identity and expression. Continue reading »

Mar 082018

Cette année, les femmes célébreront la Journée internationale des femmes avec un sentiment de force renouvelé. Dans plusieurs endroits autour du monde, les femmes prennent position contre le harcèlement et la violence sexuelle. Alors qu’en Amérique du Nord cela s’est trouvé souvent lié à ce qu’on appelle le mouvement « #metoo », cela se produit aussi dans des pays aussi variés que l’Inde, l’Irlande et le Japon. Nous savons que la violence sexuelle est encore courante. En particulier les femmes autochtones, racisées, transgenres, les sans-abri ou les prostituées risquent d’en être victimes de façon disproportionnée. Nous savons que dans les zones de guerre, le viol est utilisé comme arme. Continue reading »

Mar 052018

If the Liberal government’s goal with its Feb. 27 budget was to expose the Tories as advocates of austerity, unable to see or respond to the crisis of falling wages and living standards, they  probably succeeded. And if they also hoped to expose the NDP’s weaknesses, they may have succeeded in revealing that the NDP has stepped away from the progressive policy ideas it was once known for, in its campaign to gain Big Business support.

With this budget, full of promises but short on delivery, the Liberals aim to create the impression that they are the only progressive alternative, and that working people can count on them to protect their interests.

In fact, the Liberals represent the interests of the banks and the multi-national corporations. They are the preferred party of Big Business, after a decade of the discredited Harper Tories. Continue reading »

Feb 272018

This year, women will celebrate International Women’s Day with a renewed sense of strength. In many places around the world women are taking stands against sexual harassment, and sexual violence. While in North America this is often connected with what is called the #metoo movement, it is also happening in countries as diverse as India, Ireland and  Japan. We know that sexual violence is still common – in particular women who are Indigenous, racialized, trans, homeless, or sex workers are disproportionately at risk. In war zones, rape is a weapon. Continue reading »