Nov 022018

Defenders of Steve Bannon and his campaign of hate argue that he has the right to speak under Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms. They say free speech means everything should be on the table and a good debate will determine which ideas are right and which are wrong.

That’s the argument in today’s Toronto Star, headlined “Don’t Fear This Debate”.

But it’s the Toronto Star that’s wrong. The ideas that Bannon promotes are racist, xenophobic and misogynist. They are intended to stoke feelings of hatred and fear against immigrants and especially Muslims and racialized peoples in Canada. This is hate speech and it’s illegal in Canada. Continue reading »

Oct 092018

L’accord commercial ALENA-AEUMC annoncé par les États-Unis et le Canada a été revendiqué comme une victoire tant par Donald Trump que Justin Trudeau. Mais du point de vue des travailleuses et des travailleurs, cet accord ne fait que renforcer le pouvoir des entreprises capitalistes. Le Parti communiste du Canada demande au Parlement de refuser de ratifier l’AEUMC et exhorte les mouvements syndicaux et démocratiques à se mobiliser contre cette trahison des intérêts des travailleuses, des travailleurs, des agricultrices et des agriculteurs du Canada. Continue reading »

Oct 092018

The NAFTA-USMCA agreement announced by the US and Canada has been claimed as a victory by both Donald Trump and Justin Trudeau; but for working people, this deal only tightens the corporate handcuffs. The Communist Party of Canada calls on Parliament to refuse to ratify the USMCA, and we urge the labour and democratic movements to mobilize against this sellout of the interests of working people and farmers in Canada. Continue reading »

Aug 302018

The Communist Party of Canada welcomes today’s Federal Court of Appeal ruling which overturns the federal government’s approvals to build the Trans Mountain expansion project. This decision builds upon decades of legal and political struggles by Indigenous peoples in British Columbia and across Canada; it is truly a historic victory over the resource extraction corporations and other capitalist interests which have dominated this country since Confederation, and going back to the time of European colonization. Continue reading »