Jul 062015

This statement is from our June Central Committee meeting. View our earlier campaign leaflet text here.

The Harper Government’s unilateral decision to eliminate home postal delivery, escalate postal rates and eliminate up to 8000 jobs is a major part of the agenda of privatization which targets all social services, publicly owned resources, energy, Medicare, education and transportation.

In order to expedite negotiation and implementation of the CETA agreement with the European Union the federal government early in the process made a commitment to the European negotiators to comply with the conditions of the Lisbon Agreement (the de facto constitution of the EU) which calls for the privatization and expropriation of all public services and resources. Privatization to comply with trade agreements is a method to bypass parliament and the Canadian public.

Although Canada stands alone in the world in the elimination of home mail delivery, privatization is steadily being implemented across the European Union where postal outlets are being replaced by outlets in grocery stores and gas stations with reduced services supplied by precarious jobs.

The elimination of remaining door-to-door mail delivery and escalation of user fees will narrow down services, eliminate jobs, weaken CUPW, take millions out of municipal economies and introduce a whole range of private for-profit delivery and postal services.

In order to justify the elimination of home delivery a study was engineered by the so-called “independent” right wing think-tank, The Conference Board of Canada. Canada Post CEO Deepak Chopra is on the board of this “independent” think-tank which conjured a report of future major financial losses at Canada Post to justify the elimination of door-to-door mail delivery. This was despite the fact that in 2014 Canada Post reported profits of $62 million dollars and has reported profits in the last 17 of 19 years.

Typically, as in the pension funding crisis, the raising of eligibility for GIS to 67 years, cuts to Medicare, Employment Insurance and a whole range of services, the elimination of home mail delivery strikes directly at the most fragile and vulnerable sections of society.

The Canadian Union of Postal Workers has provided examples, existing in other countries, of how expansion into financial services, like savings, money orders etc. could generate revenues and provide a valuable service to the Canadian public.

The Communist Party of Canada joins with Postal Workers, the entire labour movement and Community allies in condemning the cessation of home delivery. We reiterate our support for the demand to repeal this devastating decision and also demand of the opposition parties that they pledge restoration of home delivery and expand public services if elected. The Communist Party joins the call for the widest mobilization and mass pressure to force the Harper government to restore home mail delivery and save Canada Post as a public service.

Special Resolution adopted by the Central Committee,
Communist Party of Canada, June 13-14, 2015