Mar 082018

Imagine we all have homes to live in, decent paying jobs, free education, free universal quality childcare.

Imagine a country where the rights of Indigenous Peoples were truly recognized and upheld and where we have already taken major steps toward decolonization.

Imagine a world with well-resourced, meaningful, effective educational work and legal steps taken to combat racism, sexism, and discrimination on basis of sexual orientation and gender identity and expression.

Imagine a world where we are safe and respected whether we are on the streets, in our homes, at school, in our community or at work.

Imagine a world where we have a begun to repair environmental damage, and taken measure to reverse climate change.

Imagine a world where everyone has access to clean water.

Imagine a world where all nations have the right to their own self-determination.

Imagine a world where there is no war; a world where reparations have been made and women are no longer seen as collateral damage.

Imagine a world where there is mutual respect and cooperation and sharing of resources.

Imagine a world that corporations don’t rule; where there are workplace councils run by workers and countries are ruled by a people’s democracy.

Imagine a world where all women and girls are represented by a single women’s organization.

This world is not a utopian dream but the goal of a socialist society. We fight everyday to win reforms that will bring us closer to this goal.

Imagine a world without Capitalism. We do.

We fight for a world without patriarchy, without white supremacy, and to repair the damage caused by colonialism, capitalism and imperialism.

Join us in the struggle.

Join the Communist Party of Canada.

Central Women’s Commission, CPC