Dec 192016

Dear friends,

I’m writing to you because we need your help.

We are at a tipping point. The ultra-right is growing quickly. And the attack on working people is getting stronger.

You Can Build the Fight For Peace, Jobs, Sovereignty, Democracy and Socialism!

Working people have reached the breaking point.  Mass unemployment, precarious work, and poverty are the new normal. We demand fundamental economic, social and political change.

The ultra-right wants to use this crisis to target us. They have targeted immigrants and refugees, Muslims, racialized and Indigenous peoples, women, organized labour and people’s movements like Black Lives Matter, Idle No More, No-One is Illegal, and BDS.

Now more than ever, the Communist Party must be a strong force.

In the US, top Republicans are moving quickly to escalate war in the Middle East. Trump’s promise to work with Putin for a political solution to the war in Syria was a lie. John Bolton, a top contender for Secretary of State in Trump’s Cabinet told the ultra-right Breitbart News Daily on November 17, “The only long-term solution is regime change in Tehran.”

These sabre-rattling statements heighten the danger of war between the US and Russia, threatening the entire world with nuclear annihilation.

You Can Defeat the Drive to War and Reaction!

In Canada, Conservative MP and leadership candidate Kellie Leitch welcomed Trump’s election. She wants to bring his racist, xenophobic, homophobic, sexist, anti-labour and anti-people policies here. She proposed the “Barbaric Cultural Practices Act and Snitch Line”. She proposed the “anti-Canadian Values Screening” of immigrants.

We still remember Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. He applied the same kind of policies in the city, leaving wreckage, division, and destruction in his wake.

Provincial Conservatives leaders like Saskatchewan’s Brad Wall, and Ontario’s Tim Hudak and now Patrick Brown, have all advocated similar policies, while former Quebec PQ Premier Pauline Marois sponsored the racist Quebec Charter of Values in 2013.

You Can Fight back against the Ultra-Right in Canada!

The good news is that these political ‘earthquakes’ have resulted in widespread, massive, and continuing protests and demonstrations across the US, in Canada, and around the globe!

There is militant people’s opposition to the ultra-right. Against CETA and the TTIP. Against the election of Donald Trump.

In Latin America, there are mass demonstrations against the soft coups in Venezuela and Brazil. In Colombia, the efforts of the ultra-right to scuttle the historic Peace Accords have been defeated!

For those who say it couldn’t happen here:  it could – and it might without a sharp struggle to expose and counter right-wing populism and the ultra-right fascist movements and parties springing up in Canada.  But as the US election exposed, it requires policies and a working class political party that will fight for real, urgent and fundamental change to improve the lives of working people and the unemployed across country.

That party is the Communist Party.

And that fundamental change is socialism, peace and the end of the exploitation!

There is no third way.  But there are many allies in this struggle for working class political power, and for profound democratic, social and economic changes on the road to socialism in Canada.

This is the time to build the powerful People’s Coalition. We can move the struggle from the defensive to the offensive. We can curb corporate power. We can take Canada out of the NATO war machine. We can open the door to socialism in Canada.  
But we can’t do it without you.

Your investment in the Communist Party generates immediate political returns, now and in 2017.  That’s important.  But your contribution is also an investment in the future.  For socialism, peace and environmental and climate security.  That’s a future worth fighting for!

With sincere appreciation, we thank you very much for your generous and on-going support!

Elizabeth Rowley, Leader

PS – a contribution of $400 will only cost $100 after the tax rebate.