Nov 222018

La greve des stagesThe Central Committee of the Communist Party of Canada extends its solidarity to the nearly 60,000 students who are on strike this week of November 19-23 to win compensation for all internships. The strike affects several universities and CEGEP across Quebec. Some institutions, including the CEGEP du Vieux Montréal, has suspended classes while thousands of demonstrators picketed. Continue reading »

Nov 222018

La greve des stagesLe Comité central du Parti Communiste du Canada présente sa solidarité envers les près de 60 000 étudiant.e.s en grève pour la rémunération de tous les stages au cours de la semaine du 19 au 23 novembre. La grève touche plusieurs universités et CEGEP à travers le Québec. Certaines institutions, dont le CEGEP du Vieux Montréal, ont dû suspendre les cours alors que des milliers de dressaient des piquets de grève. Continue reading »

Nov 212018

The Communist Party of Canada condemns the recent assassination of two campesino leaders and members of the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV). On Oct. 31 in Nueva Bolivia, Merida State, PCV Central Committee member Luis Fajardo and his brother-in-law, Javier Aldana, were killed by a burst of gunfire from a moving car. Both men had been active in defence of campesino rights, but the authorities ignored the serious threats against Luis Fajardo and his family. Continue reading »

Nov 202018

The Communist Party of Canada extends its full and active solidarity with postal workers who have been on rotating strike since October 22. The Communist Party demands that Canada Post put forward an offer that addresses the needs of its workers and that the federal government honour the rights of workers to strike and bargain free from back-to-work legislation and intimidation. Continue reading »

Nov 022018

Defenders of Steve Bannon and his campaign of hate argue that he has the right to speak under Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms. They say free speech means everything should be on the table and a good debate will determine which ideas are right and which are wrong.

That’s the argument in today’s Toronto Star, headlined “Don’t Fear This Debate”.

But it’s the Toronto Star that’s wrong. The ideas that Bannon promotes are racist, xenophobic and misogynist. They are intended to stoke feelings of hatred and fear against immigrants and especially Muslims and racialized peoples in Canada. This is hate speech and it’s illegal in Canada. Continue reading »