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A message from our party leader, Darrell Rankin, on the election.


Manitoba Realities and Genuine Solutions

Job Crisis

The Jobs Crisis: A 9% Jobless Rate

Manitoba’s official jobless rate is 6%, but Aboriginal people are workers, too, In a racist manner, the Labour Force Survey excludes First Nations workers living on reserves. Add 25,000 jobless workers on reserves (a cautious estimate) to those already counted and this explains why Manitoba is a low wage province. Manitoba workers each lose $4,050 per year compared to the Canadian average. Racism and the oppression of Aboriginal nations reinforce poverty and weaken the struggle for higher wages.

The Peoples’ Agenda demands:

  • Create jobs with a 30 hour work week and no loss in pay
  • Unite working people with affirmative hiring and pay equity laws to fight racism and other bigotry


Inequality of Nations

Suicides are at a crisis level in First Nations in Manitoba, a reflection of intolerable conditions on and off reserves, national oppression and racism, all of which benefit the resource corporations and urban employers. Changing this requires the unity of workers of all nations in Manitoba.

The Peoples’ Agenda demands:

  • Declare and establish the equality of nations in Manitoba
  • A new, equal and voluntary partnership of nations embodied in a democratically-made constitution in Canada
  • Quick and just settlement of land and resource claims
  • Immediate housing for 2011 flood victims
  • Support First Nations’ demands for relocation to a site of their choice.

Unequal Quality and Access to Education

Manitoba has the highest rate of youth who do not graduate from high school. About 55% of Aboriginal students graduate on time compared to 96% of non-Aboriginal students. On reserves where schools are grossly underfunded, the rate is 40%.

The Peoples’ Agenda demands:

  • Equalization of school resources, even if Ottawa refuses to do it, and send the bill later
  • A full employment economy with good pay for Manitoba’s youth
  • Scrap tuition fees
  • Build free student housing
  • Replace loans with grants for student aid


Stop Fueling Climate Change

Billions of dollars in Manitoba Hydro spending are committed to oil pipelines, helping oil corporation profit rates in Alberta.

The Peoples’ Agenda demands:

  • Disallow use of hydro power for energizing oil pipelines
  • Use hydro to convert to greener forms of energy
  • Oppose new oil pipelines from crossing Manitoba
  • Establish public ownership of Manitoba’s oil and gas industry



Child Poverty Crisis

Manitoba is the epicentre of child poverty in Canada. The Manitoba government spends a paltry $440 million on social assistance, or 0.7% of the wealth generated each year. Rates are far below the poverty line. One of three children live in poverty. The rate is 62% for lone parent families. The child poverty rate has grown every year (until 2015) since the Manitoba NDP government adopted a poverty reduction plan in 2009.

The Peoples’ Agenda demands:

  • Universal, quality public child care
  • A guaranteed basic income above the poverty line
  • Expand medicare to cover prescribed dental, eye, pharmacy and mental health needs


Child Apprehension Crisis

According to the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs, Manitoba has the world’s highest child apprehension rate. More than anything else, this a symptom of the racism and the oppression of Aboriginal people and the poor in Manitoba, reinforcing the cycle of poverty from one generation to the next. More than 10,000 children are in government care, the vast majority of whom are First Nations or Métis.

The Peoples’ Agenda demands:

  • Full sovereignty over child welfare by each nation
  • Generous provincial resources to support and develop healthy families, including a vast program to build quality public housing
  • Support the involvement of extended family members in decisions affecting child custody
  • End lengthy delays in apprehension appeals


Wages vs Food Banks

Manitoba’s economy is languishing and workers need a big pay hike. Sixty-nine per cent of Manitoba workers live from pay cheque to pay cheque, far higher than the 52% rate for Canada. Manitoba’s minimum wage is about $1.25 below where it was in 1976, in today’s money. The NDP raised the minimum a paltry 2% a year above inflation since 1999, when it was nearly $3 behind where it was in 1976. Food bank use in Manitoba grew 58% since the 2008 economic crisis, but it would have grown far more if the minimum wage stayed the same.

The Peoples’ Agenda demands:

  • A $20 an hour minimum wage
  • Make it easier for workers to join a union
  • Shift income from the corporations and wealthy to the workers and needy with a fair tax system.




Point Douglas – Frank Komarniski

fedelect-Komarniski-Communist-WpgNorthFrank is a City of Winnipeg outside worker, CUPE Local 500. He is a fighter for Aboriginal people’s rights, including implementing the Truth and Reconciliation Commission recommendations.

A proud parent, Frank believes all children should have what they need to succeed, including quality public education and universal, quality, affordable public childcare. Build more schools, not prisons!



Transcona – Darrell Rankin

darrell-rankin1Leader of the CPC Manitoba and former chair of the Canadian Peace Alliance, Darrell fights for a foreign policy of peace and disarmament and welcoming to Canada US military veterans who are against war crimes.

Darrell is working to strengthen a range of social, labour, and civil democratic rights movements, starting with the repeal of police state law Bill C-51. Create jobs, raise wages!


Andrew Taylor – Minto

andy taylor
Growing up in a working-class family of Newfoundland English-Irish Settlers and Mi’kmaq & Labrador Metis Andy became politically active as a university student, involved in a union certification campaign, as well as in peace and international solidarity. He has taught Popular Culture at universities in Canada and the US and is outspoken for free education. “Raise corporate taxes; expand public health care,” Andy says, calling for dental, vision, pharma, and long-term care. Andy and his wife currently care for his elderly mother in their Sargent Park home.


Paula Ducharme – Fort Rouge

paula ducharme
Paula Ducharme is running for the Communist Party in the riding of Fort Rouge in Manitoba’s April 19 election. One of the issues she is speaking out about is poverty. You can read some of Paula’s thoughts on poverty in Manitoba in an article in the People’s Voice available here.


Tony Petrowski – Burrows

tony petrowski
Tony (T.J.) Petrowski is the Communist Party of Canada-Manitoba candidate in the Winnipeg riding of Burrows and an activist in the Young Communist League. You can read a piece that Tony has written for People’s Voice describing his feelings on running as a youth candidate and youth issues in Manitoba here.

Cheryl-Anne Carr – Logan

twitter-logo-mb Cheryl-Anne Carr is a Metis activist and People’s Movement grassroots organizer and mother of six children. She has degrees in education and theatre, with a certificate social work, psychology and anti-racism training.



Tuesday, April 5th
All-Parties Provincial Election Forum – Public Service Alliance of Canada – Canad Inns, 1405 St. Matthews St, Winnipeg, MB R3G 3P7

Tuesday, April 12th
Spence Neighbourhood Association Minto Candidates Forum – 430 Langside St, Winnipeg, MB R3B 2T5


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