Aug 252016

As the economic crisis continues, more progressive people are drawing partisan conclusions and deciding they need to take action, get organized and involve themselves in resistance. Some are becoming active in their unions and mass organizations. The most advanced are being won to the struggle for socialism, and some are joining our ranks.

The urgent question today is to forge a plan of united class action linking the struggle for reforms with the revolutionary struggle for socialism.

Neither social reformism nor ultra-leftism can forge such a way forward. Socialist theory and practice will not arise spontaneously. Only the work of the Communist Party, as our programme says, Afuses scientific socialism with the class struggle and by so doing spreads political and socialist consciousness among the workers B an awareness of their historic mission as a class,@ to lead the peoples of Canada from capitalism to socialism and ultimately communism. Continue reading »

Oct 302015

Contribution to the 17th International Meeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties by Communist Party of Canada leader Miguel Figueroa

First of all, we join with others in expressing our solidarity to our host party, the Communist Party, Turkey.

At such a critical moment in this region, with dark clouds of war swirling everywhere, with imperialist intrigues fomenting national and religious conflict in order to extend its hegemony, and with a humanitarian and refugee crisis of epic proportions, the principled, internationalist role of your party and other Communist and Workers’ parties across the Middle East are more crucial than ever. Continue reading »

Oct 272015

Statement on the October 19 federal election, from the Central Executive Committee, Communist Party of Canada

The outcome of the October 19th federal election which drove the Harper government from power marked a significant victory for the working class, for indigenous peoples, for women, youth and students, for the unemployed and underemployed, and for the LGBTiQ communities. It was a victory for all those dedicated to peace and disarmament, for immediate action to combat climate change, and to the struggle for social equity and social justice. After almost a decade of Conservative rule, a large majority across Canada used their franchise to ensure that the Tories’ tenure in office came to a definitive end.

The strong desire to unseat the Harper Conservatives was reflected in a substantial increase in voter turnout at the polls. Participation reached 68.5% – the highest since 1993 – especially among youth and in First Nations communities, in some cases more than doubling previous turnout rates. Continue reading »

Sep 072015
September 7th  2015
On Labour Day 2015, the Communist Party of Canada sends its warmest greetings of solidarity to working people across the country, especially to all those engaged in struggles against attacks by employers and right-wing governments.This year, Labour Day takes place during a crucial election campaign, in the context of an economic crisis that creates deep hardships for working people in Canada and across the capitalist world.

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